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About: Our Mission


In 1937, Pastor Henry Larson came from Park River, ND and 

began holding services in the old school house at Poplar 

Grove (located a couples miles West of Walhalla). At the

same time he also held services in Walhalla on Saturday

nights. During winter, because of the cold weather, service

was moved to Wellington Thompson's house. Although

services were packed already, the church continued to grow

and service was moved back to the school house the

following Spring. One Spring morning, for unknown reasons, 

the congregation (known at the time as Gospel Tabernacle)

found the old school house locked  . . . they no longer had 

permission to use it. But, where the spirit of the Lord is 

moving, there is power and the congregation built a new 

building out of donated material and with the help of 

volunteers. They began having services in the new building in October 1938 even though the building was not yet completed. Superintendent Herman Johnson later came and gave the dedication service for the new building in 1939.

Due to continued church growth and location of this new building, the church decided to rent the Methodist church in Walhalla and later went on to buy it on February 1st, 1940 for $500. In May of 1940 the dedication service and burning of the mortgage was held for the new church building. In the Fall of 1940 a two bedroom parsonage was built next to the church. 

In June of 1947 the church joined the Assemblies of God and became what is today known as Walhalla Assembly of God. 

In 1974 the congregation blessed the minister with purchasing the current parsonage which gave more room for the ministers family to grow. 

In 1985, four lots were purchased on the highway across from the clinic and money began to be put aside for a new church building. On April 22, 2001 a ground breaking ceremony took place after the annual business meeting with Superintendent Leon Freitag. On June 17th of the same year, the last service was held in the old church building. The congregation began having worship service at the legion in town until November 4, 2001 when a service and harvest festival was held in the new church building for the first time. 

In September of 2001 the previous church building and property was purchased, razed and hauled away. The purchaser blessed the church with letting the congregation keep a stain glass window, two alter chairs and the pulpit. All can be found on the stage in the new church building. The steeple bell was also donated and is now rung every Sunday to signal the start of service. 

About: Our Values


Walhalla Assembly of God is currently looking for its next pastor. If you know of a potential candidate or you yourself are one who is interested in applying, please call Levi at 701-305-0342.

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